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UpTrucks arrived!

Got the medium flex longboard UpTrucks. Probably should have gotten the soft flex–I’m not heavy enough to get them to move much. As for speed wobble, a bigger, more skilled friend of mine tried them out down a hill and said that speed wobble happens anyway. I’m starting to think it’s a head thing–I’ve read many posts on forums about how when you just relax, speed wobble goes away. I could imagine this is because you stop microcompensating for little changes (as you freak out about the speed) and stop making the problem worse.

On a side note, the more I play with skateboards, the more I’m falling in love with my kickboard again. In a city made purely of flat asphalt with no cracks or cobblestones and wide lanes, a longboard would be fantastic, dreamy transportation. Unfortunately Helsinki sidewalks are full of two inch wide drainage channels, cobblestones, and unpredictable little old ladies. (It’s funny how riding a small-wheeled thing makes you remap your city in terms of terrain) You constantly have to be on and off the board, and having that handle makes a huge difference.

Now of course I’m dreaming of a carving kickboard. I know K2 made some interesting other versions of what I’ve got, with two tiny wheels in the front and bigger ones in the back(seen them on eBay) but not with a super-squishy deck. Loaded bamboo board with a handle? Anyone?


October 28, 2006 at 10:15 am 3 comments

Trucks enter the Plastic Age

The first thing I was struck by when getting on my little skateboard project board (see previous post) was this “clicky” feeling I was getting from the trucks when turning. I had a closer look and noticed it’s the kingpin clicking back and forth just a little when the bushing squishes. My machinist/jeweler background leaves me unimpressed by this much play in what are supposed to be pretty good trucks. The engineering of this part requires, it, though. Of course I started looking to see if this part had been updated, since this was the same construction I had seen used since the 80’s. Sure enough, I found a very promising new development:

Uptrucks: “one-piece elastrometric trucks”. In other words, the whole thing is the bushing, sort-of. They’re lighter, no speed wobble, no kingpin, better dampening, and they’ve built-in something else I was thinking about, ie a wheel-bite stop. If the truck is about to bend too far, it stops it before the wheel hits the deck. Not rocket science, but hey. Think I’ll get a pair if I can and play around with them. They’re not too expensive, either.

Seismic Trucks look interesting too, but they seem like a good new modification of an old idea, not an old idea turned on its head. When presented with a choice, I tend to always like the new weird idea better than the new old idea. Wonder what else is out there…

tb_carver5.jpgWell. There’s always this:

BMW’s $500 Street Carver, with trucks made from the BMW 5 Series running gear. Needless to say, they’re not made anymore. But it would be fascinating to get to play with one for a day…

September 24, 2006 at 11:53 pm 2 comments

How I will kill myself next summer

KickboardNote: This post has, bizarrely, gotten a lot of search engine hits from terms like “gay and want to kill myself”. To those of you who found this post that way: Hang on for a second! Email me through the Contact form above if you want to tell me what’s going on–I’ll respond.

I used to have no balance whatsoever as a kid. Suddenly, as an adult, I’ve learned some, probably from using my K2 “kick two” kickboard for a while (can’t give you a link, K2 has sold them to Micro or something, and the Micro site seems to only have the old version; if you’re lucky you can find one on eBay). The kickboard is great and I adore it, but I’m fascinated by the idea that I could do without that pole, that I’ve somehow mastered something sports-like. So now I’m looking at boards. Freaky boards. Because I won’t be doing tricks, but I want a compact way to move around on sidewalks. Bikes are out because my reaction time is so slow I’ll be flat under a truck in a week. Here are some likely candidates:

Stowboard: Looks like fun because you can fold it up, or use it as a mini hand-truck for heavy luggage. Unfortunately, it apparently weighs a decent amount all by itself. Still, tempting for its compactness, and surprisingly, “a smooth ride” according to one review.

fish.jpgLoadedBoards: Squishy, bouncy ride, interesting shapes and wheel formations. Very pretty and well-engineered. You can choose from different stiffnesses to find the right one for your bodyweight. One of them is half Flowboard, half “fish”. However, they are long, and I hate to lug something big around that’s supposed to make transportation easier. I should be able to carry it in one hand, or even better, attached to a backpack? Apparently the Fish model would suit city transportation best. Wheels are not covered by the deck, though, which means nasty catching on foot while kicking could result.

Waveboard: I think this is pretty wishful thinking for me. This thing’s only got two wheels, and they move independently of each other. You sort of wiggle/ski/surf around to move, and apparently it’s quite a workout. Death awaits. In style.

ArborpocketArbor Bamboo Pocket Rocket: Longboard features, pocket-sized. Might be fantastic, might be like trying to skate with a bar of soap attached to one foot. Physics does limit my quest for compactness–if the thing is TOO small, it might be too little to balance on. Very pretty though…can’t really pull off the whole skull-and-monster graphics until I can move on these things without looking like I’m constipated.

I’ve also started experimenting with building my own, using longboard wheels and trucks on a short board. At the moment, it’s got 80mm wheels, Randall trucks, and 1/2″ risers, which makes for a very high deck, but wheel bite is a problem. The deck is as wide as the trucks + the wheels, but quite short (28.5″ x 10.0″). I’m tempted to get rid of the risers, maybe get lower trucks, and make cut-outs in the deck for the wheels. Maybe “wheel covers” hammered out of copper to prevent my foot from hitting the wheels through the cut-outs. I’m sure that sounds insane, but this is my jeweler’s backround coming in. I’ve got the workshop and the tools, so why not? More after the link.

September 23, 2006 at 4:54 pm 1 comment

Leap tall buildings, etc

I’m quite a bit behind on this bandwagon, but it looks like fun, especially since all the wall climbing walls near me were torn down after the trendiness wore off:
Training days in Helsinki

Note the training section on the “” site. Insane videos. Mad skillz. To prepare yourself, here’s the drill:


June 21, 2006 at 5:32 pm 2 comments

Today is a good day to play

A collection of potential future projects, to dig deeper into when I find the time. links