The Consolations of Philosophy–Alain de Botton

June 16, 2006 at 11:26 pm Leave a comment

Philosophy made clear and relevant. (Another arabella referral) Convinced me to like Seneca:

"Never did I trust Fortune, even when she seemed to be offering peace. All those blessings which she kindly bestowed upon me…I relegated to a place from which she could take them back without disturbing me…I have kept a wide gap, and so she has merely taken them from me, not torn them from me."

and really like Epicurus, who "recommended that one try never to eat alone." and prescribed the key to happiness as being Friendship, Freedom, and Thought. He also lived in the original Organic Hippie Commune.

Oh yeah. One more thing:

"Montaigne knew a Gascon nobleman who, after failing to maintain an erection with a woman, fled home, cut off his penis and sent it to the lady 'to attone for his offence'."

The Alain de Botton shop also has a list of the author's other books.

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Days of War Nights of Love–Crimethinc Something to read when you’re off the grid

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